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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Get into Bethlehem from Jerusalem Most of the travelers arrive to Bethlehem via Jerusalem. Bethlehem is administered by the Palestinian Authority and Israeli military checkpoint stands on the road connecting the two locations. Take a bus: The buses run every 30 minutes approximately, from 6 am until 6 pm in the wintertime and until 9 pm in the summer time. However, there is no exact schedule. Bus no. 321 runs from the Damascus Gate Bus Station in East Jerusalem via Beit Jala to Bethlehem. The average trip length is 40 minutes and costs 7.5 NIS. Note that this bus does not go through the main “checkpoint 300” (Rachel’s Tomb crossing). The bus will drop you of on Bethlehem / Beit Jala intersection (“Bab el-Zkak”) which is 1 km away from the Manger Square. You can easily follow the Pope Paul VI Street to get to the Manger Square and the Basilica of the Nativity in 15 minutes. You can also get a taxi to the Manger Square, It will cost you around 15-20 NIS per drive not per person. Bus no. 324 also leaves from the Damascus Gate, it costs around 5 NIS and runs directly to the Bethlehem Checkpoint – “checkpoint 300” (Rachel’s Tomb crossing) and back. You would have to walk through the checkpoint as you enter and exit Bethlehem. Make sure to bring your passport. From the checkpoint, you can either walk half an hour or take a taxi (15-20 NIS) to the center of Bethlehem (Manger Square), which is about 2.5 km away. From Jerusalem to Bethlehem by taxi: You can take any taxi from Jerusalem to the entrance to Bethlehem. That should cost you 50-60 NIS. It would be wiser to agree with the taxi driver on a global price for the ride them using the taximeter On Foot: Devoted pilgrims often prefer to walk, at a brisk pace the trip is doable in 2 hours from Jerusalem to Bethlehem but there are plenty of ups and downs along the way and remember about summer’s heat. Rent a Car: Rental cars are available from all airports and major cities. For better rates and more comprehensive insurance packages, pre-ordering is advised. Please note: only a few rental car companies allow traveling in Israel and Palestine.
Private Taxi This is just like a taxi we know. It is useful to go & come between the city center and other destination within Bethlehem city and other cities around. The Taxi in Palestine is a Yellow cab. When the driver stops for you, tell him your destination and ask the fare. It is better to know local price first. The fare can be negotiable. When you get an acceptable price, ride onto the taxi. When the taxi arrives the destination, pay. I have used taxis in Palestine (West Bank) and never been ripped-off so far. For example, the local price between the checkpoint and city center in Bethlehem is 15 NIS Service Taxi It looks like a taxi, but it has “black line”. That’s “service”. “Service” system is a combination of bus and taxi. They have fixed routes and stops for the passengers at everywhere on the route. It costs only some shekels. Normally the “services” go and come around main streets and city center. When the driver stops for you, tell him your destination and ask the fare. Ride onto a “service”, then pay to the driver.
In Bethlehem region you`ll find many different kind of hospitals. Some of them are general hospitals, and the others are specialized hospitals. Moreover, all of them are opened 24l7 hours. Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation OR Beit Jala Hospital - Beit Jala Type: Emergency and Specialized clinics Contacts: @ 00970 2 274 4050 Beit Jala Governmental Hospital (Al-Hussein) - Beit Jala Type: Emergency and Specialized clinics Contacts: 00970 2 274 1161 Caritas Hospital for Children - Bethlehem Type: Children Hospital Contacts: 00970 2 275 8500 Shepherd's Field Hospital – Beit Sahour Type: Emergency and Specialized clinics Contacts: 00970 2 277 5093 Yamamah Hospital – Alkhader Type: Emergency and Specialized clinics Contacts: 00970 2 2764444 Beit Sahour Medical Center - Health Work Committees – Beit Sahour Type: Primary Health Care Contacts: 00970 2 277 4444
For emergency, you can contact the Palestinian police wherever you stay within Bethlehem region on the following contacts: Police Emergency Room @ 100 OR 00970 2 27744111 Bethlehem City Police Station @ 00970 2 2744907 Tourist & Antiquities Police Station@ 00970 2 2770750 Beit Sahour Police Station @ 00970 2 2772184 Beit Jala Police Station @ 00970 2 2770626 Al Ubiedyeh Police Station @ 00970 2 2736022 00970 2 2736022