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Easter in Bethlehem

Religious Events
Public Events

The Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday, during which many church services and religious processions are held. The most important three days before Easter are Thursday, where the churches observe the time when Jesus washes the feet of his disciples, followed by Good Friday, where a long mass is held commemorating the crucifixion and burial of Christ, and finally Holy Saturday, locally known as Sabt El Nour, where religious communities receive the Holy Light or Holy Fire coming all the way from the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, announcing the end of the Holy Week. During the Roman Catholic Holy Saturday, crowds gather in Bethlehem at the entrance to Star Street to welcome the religious procession. During the Greek Orthodox Easter, crowds stand at the municipality square in Beit Sahour and at Al Sahel Street in Beit Jala to welcome the procession coming from Jerusalem. By the end of the day, the Easter Vigil is held at night, followed by Easter Sunday the next day.

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