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Al Makhrur Valley


Wadi Al Makhrour, or the Makhrour Valley, extends from the Cremisan Monastery all the way to the village of Battir. This beautiful valley has been a center of attraction for many visitors, especially renowned for its natural trail that offers hikers an exquisite landscape surrounded by fresh water springs, mountains, caves, and relics of small structures that were built by landowners who come and look after their crops. The valley is also known for its abundant apricot terraces that produce the most delicious apricots for which the city of Beit Jala is known for. It is also considered one of the few areas in Bethlehem to contain ancient trees. For bird lovers, the area is also famed for its bird reserve that shelters some of the endangered bird species including honey buzzards, black-eared wheatears, the Palestine sunbird and the sand partridge.

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