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Manger Square


Walking through historic Star Street and the narrow alleyways of the Old City, locals and tourists cannot help but recall the events of the Nativity Story. Once they enter Manger Square, the legendary landmark around which Bethlehem life revolves, they come face to face with the Nativity Church, the Mosque of Omar, Bethlehem Municipality, the Peace Centre, and the arcade harbouring shops and a couple of restaurants. They can come across the odd street food vendors but they are sure to encounter locals who have come to rest their feet in the shade of the – trees, or are simply there to watch the passers-by and the tourists sauntering about and snapping their cameras and smart phones for pictures to share with their families and friends back home. There will always be bevies of children kicking a ball or enjoying an ice-cream as the church bells chime the hour or the Muezzin calls worshippers to prayer. Manger Square is the centre of all festive events - Festivals, concerts, the Christmas market, the ceremony of the lighting of the Christmas tree - that attract crowds from all around; it is also the final stop for religious processions during Christmas, Easter and other high holidays.

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