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The International Center of Bethlehem – Dar Annadwa Adduwaliyya


This Lutheran institution, which was established in 1995, offers a variety of programs and activities that respond to the various needs of the Palestinian community, especially children, youth and women. Dar Annadwa Adduwaliyya, or the house of worldwide encounter, strives to establish dialogue and encounter between cultures and people from various walks of life. The center’s strong focus on civil society oriented initiatives and belief in sustainable development, paved the way for establishing many programs, which include, but are not limited to, women’s studies, adult education, international relations, alternative tourism and sociocultural exchange between Germany and Palestine. The Center strives to preserve Palestinian cultural heritage through the implementation of art workshops and music and art education courses. The premises features state-of-the-art facilities including, Al Iliyeh Restaurant, which aims to revive the practice of the Biblical meal and create a direct connection between the Bible and current Palestinian culture; a gallery that hosts local and international exhibitions, with an aim to create a link between local and foreign artists; a gift shop that promotes the creations of local artists; a theater hall; and several venues for hosting seminars, workshops and conferences.

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