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Water Springs in Battir


1. Ein Al Balad, or Ein Battir Located in the center of the village, the source of Ein Al Balad is from the mountains, and it runs all the way down to a small cave-like pool, part of which is embedded in the rocks, and the other part built by the villagers. In the old days, the inhabitants of Battir used to bathe in the pool, and even perform the ritual of ablution before heading to pray at the nearby mosque. In the 1950’s the village renowned Hasan Mustafa renovated the spring and built a sanitation structure that would protect it from pollution and increase its uses. The spring water runs through channels of which some date back to the Roman times, and renovated in later centuries. The channels were built in the shape of an arch, above which the water runs and forms a beautiful waterfall. 2. Ein Abu Al Harith This spring is located west of Battir in a mountain, from which it pours into a rectangular pool, with one part embedded in a mountain and surrounded by a small fence that was built using local stones. Water runs from the pool through underground channels, and empties its water in another, then once more through underground channels, to empty in a third, but smaller, pool. Through a small ventilation spot, one could see the water running underground from the second to the third pool, and notice that the channels run 6 metres deep. 3. Ein Bardamon This spring is located in an area known as Al Makhrour. Its waters flow through a small stone channel, and then collected in a cement tank. This spring was discovered by members of a local family in the 1950’s while renovating their land. They followed the path of the water flow until they reached the source, where they found inscriptions engraved in the rocks – most probably a headstone.

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