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Christmas in Bethlehem

Christmas is a very busy season in the cities of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour. Celebrations commence on the Sunday of the First Advent and last until 19 January.The season features several events that are inaugurated by a press conference, and followed by the lighting of the Christmas tree and the Christmas Market on Manger Square.


Ramadan Nights

Ramadan is a special time in Bethlehem as people celebrate for a whole month prior to welcoming the Feast of Al Fiter. Streets and businesses are not as busy and as crowded during the day, but the celebrations begin at night after all Muslims have gathered around the dinner table with their families to enjoy Al Iftar Meal.


Suq Hikayah Festival

Souq Hikaya features several concerts and folkloric performances, and showcases the works of talented citizens from food products, handicrafts and creative artwork.


The Battir Eggplant Festival

The beautiful village of Battir, which was listed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites for its centuries old terraces and unique landscape, implements its famous Eggplant Festival during the month of October.


Beit Lahem Live Festival

Established in 2013, the Bet Lahem Festival is normally held in early August, and it is the largest art and cultural festival in Palestine and reflects the synergies between the local communities and international action.


Yalla Yalla Street Festival

The International Children and Youth Theatre Festival, also known as Yalla Yalla festival, is an initiative of Al Harah Theatre in Beit Jala and it currently attracts theatre groups, music performers and circus artists from Palestine and Europe and has become a label of Bet Jala’s cultural life.